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Breaking CADA Summit News:

Meet and greet with Dr. Andy Palmer, President and Chief Executive Officer of Aston Martin during the pre-dinner cocktail hour.

Keynote Dinner Speaker: David Frum

The Trump Effect: what can Canadians expect?

What will the presidency of Donald Trump mean for Canadian business? Washington insider David Frum will share his insights during an engaging and no-holds barred keynote address. Frum, a Canadian-American pundit is a fixture on CNN and a Senior Editor at the Atlantic. Known as one of the most influential political analysts of our time, Frum brings a Canadian conscience into the mainstream of the often polarized world of American politics. During the recent U.S. election, Frum, a neo-conservative who wrote speeches for George W. Bush, publicly broke from party ranks and voted for Hillary Clinton. Frum will provide insider views on what happened within the Republican Party during the Trump ascendency, and he'll offer his thoughts on what a Trump reign will mean for the world - and for Canada.

For a sneak preview of this year's event, click here to watch our teaser video or click on the video image below.

Questions? Please contact Bonnie Wasser, CADA Industry Relations Officer, at 1.800.463.5289